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Auricular Medicine Evaluation (AME)

Deborah Farley provides Auricular Medicine Evaluations in Lynchburg VA. Auricular Medicine is an acupuncture system that uses the ear to evaluate and treat disturbances in the body. This system is based on the works of Dr. Paul Nogier, a French physician and engineer. In the 1950’s, he started mapping the ear’s reflex points and measuring the responses to electronic frequencies. Several years later, he noticed a pulse reflex while stimulating these ear points. This lead to the discovery of the Vascular Autonomic Signal also called VAS. Auricular Medicine combines the technique of using the VAS and the Bio Energetic field around the ear to treat medical conditions. Dr. Nader Soliman, located in the United States continues to improve and teach Auricular Medicine.

An Auricular Medicine Evaluation uses the VAS pulse and the body’s electromagnetic field to measure the response to various substances. Electronically imprinted vials are placed on a metal plate. the pulse is then measured to determine a response.  The treatment, a remedy, for the substance is then added to the plate. If the remedy is correct, the pulse will give a positive response

With this system Deborah can not only treat your symptoms quicker, but she will help you to find the cause of the symptoms and eliminate them so that your body can restore itself back to a healthy state. This system will also involve fewer visits and less  or no needles.

An Auricular Medicine Evaluation is a simple effective, no needle solution to finding and treating the cause of your symptoms.

  • Consultation, testing, and treatment are all done in one visit.
  • Testing is non-invasive and does not include any blood tests. Instead a form of biofeedback using the VAS is used to determine the what, why, and where of your symptom.
  • The treatment process may involve the insertion one or more small (3mm) needles into the ear that is covered with non-allergenic medical adhesive and surgical glue. The needles are worn for four to five weeks.
  • The treatment process will also involve the use of bio-essence remedies.
  • Bio-Essence remedies can address the imbalances without the use of weekly acupuncture treatments.
  • Bio-essence remedies are safe without side effects or complications. They are also safe to take with prescription medications and will not cause any interactions
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