Avoid These Tick Habitats if You Don’t Want to Contract Lyme Disease

Some ticks in the United States carry pathogens that can cause human diseases. Different types of ticks more commonly carry certain diseases. There are many different types of tick diseases, but some to be on the lookout for are Lyme disease, Colorado tick fever, Heartland virus, and Bourbon virus, just to name a few.

The best way to prevent these diseases is to avoid tick habitats or know what these habitats are so you can enter them prepared. In the guide below, you’ll find more information on the different types of ticks and tick territories. Continue reading to learn more!

Types of Ticks

Where you find ticks and what diseases they carry depend on the certain type of tick they are. For example, some types of ticks are found on the east coast, while others are found on the Pacific Coast or in the mountains. When you know the different tick types and where to find them, you can avoid tick bites.

Here are a few types of ticks to be on the lookout for, but this list isn’t exhaustive.

Black-Legged Tick

Have you heard of the deer tick? This is another common name for the Black-Legged tick. The Black-Legged tick carries a list of diseases, including Lyme disease, Powassan virus, and more.

You can find this type of tick on the Eastern side of the country. They’re about the size of a sesame seed when grown and are cousins to the Western Black-Legged tick (found on the Pacific Coast).

Lone Star Tick

You can find the Lone Star tick from Iowa to Texas and all other states east of there. The Lone Star tick is one of the more aggressive types of ticks. This tick will travel 50-70 feet to bite a human.

A few common diseases these ticks carry are heartland virus, ehrlichiosis, and tularemia.

American Dog Tick

The wood tick is also referred to as the American Dog tick. These ticks are larger than other tick types, so they’re more easily spotted. They’re found in California and the middle of the country and everywhere east of that.

Some common diseases these ticks carry are Rocky Mountain Spotted fever and tularemia.

Common Places to Find Ticks

Tick populations are high in areas where their prey live and roam. This makes it easier for them to feed as needed. You can commonly find ticks near animal nests and dens.

You’ll also find them in shaded places and grassy areas with low vegetation. High traffic areas for animals, such as where a forest turns into a meadow or field, are also very common places to find ticks.

Factors That Make Good Tick Habitats

A good tick habitat can be in your own backyard! For example, if you have high grass in your yard or wooded areas, then there might be a few ticks lurking nearby. Wood piles, leaves, other loose debris, overgrown shrubs, and stone walls might also attract ticks.

Take a few minutes to inspect your backyard. Look for these factors and eliminate what you can.

Do You Need to Treat Tick Diseases?

Some tick diseases can cause new allergy reactions you’ve never suffered from before. Other tick diseases found in various tick habitats can cause various health complications. Acupuncture Works specializes in treating tick diseases.

Our mission is to use natural/holistic approaches to medicine to honor the gift of health. Book your appointment today to see how we can help you treat tick diseases.

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