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improve memory with acupuncture

Acupuncture Points for Good Summertime Health

Did you know that energy circulation can be increased by rubbing acupuncture points with your finger? All you need is 30-60 seconds. 

Here are 3 acupuncture points you can gently massage to help you stay healthy this summer:

·         Small intestine 17- This is the indentation below the ear lobe and behind the jawbone. This can relieve hives, improve skin’s luster, and balance the thyroid, as well as relieve facial spasms, itching ears, swollen throat, and nausea.

·         Small intestine 15 -This can alleviate asthma, coughing, back pain, chills, and fever.

·         Heart 3-  Between the elbow crease and the inside of the humorous bone, stimulation of this point can alleviate poor memory, depression, anxiety, red eyes, arm tremors, and elbow pain.

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