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listening to our bodies

Maintaining the Lifestyle After Your Detox

If you’ve recently completed a detox, you’re probably aware of your nice shiny new body and want to make sure you keep it that way.  How can you do that – especially with the holidays upon us?

While you were detoxing you were probably bombarded with all sorts of “temptations” and saying to yourself “I can’t wait until I can have….” Now that you’ve done all this work do you still want to have whatever it was you thought you were missing?  I always recommend you ask yourself these questions before you “indulge”.  Do I really want this or am I just eating it because I can?  What will this do in my body once I eat it?  Why do I want this?  Will eating this help me to reach my goal? 

Maintaining a lifestyle that you just created can be very difficult in a society in which all social activity revolves around food.  We use food to celebrate, meet people, and to socialize.  The most common thing to do over the holidays is to visit with friends and family over a meal or appetizers.  A lot of business activities involve lunches, breakfast, dinners, and cocktail receptions.  Not to mention the lunches, potlucks, etc… because of  marriages, births, divorces, retirements, and promotions.  I haven’t even gotten into the church socials, the school functions, and girls or boys night out. 

So how do you walk through this maze and stay on track with what you want for yourself? 

Well there are always choices to be made and you always have free will, unless of course you are at a plated function.  Hopefully, while you were detoxing you were able to develop tools to help you through this period.  If not, this is something that I go really into with my individualized nutritional coaching program.  For now, let me give you some examples of how you can handle certain situations.

If you are the hostess or if you are going to a potluck then make at least one healthy dish that you will enjoy.  You may find that often people will gravitate towards your dish before they will try something else.  Many people want to eat healthy they just often don’t know where to start.
When dining out you can always find something on the menu that can work for you. Also never be embarrassed or feel like you are creating a problem by asking the server to either leave an item off and provide you with more of another item and to ask if it can be prepared differently. For example you see a fish you would like to try that is in a batter, fried and it comes with French fries and cole slaw.  You might ask if you can have the fish grilled or broiled with out the batter and instead of French fries you would like to have some steamed broccoli or another vegetable on the menu and a side salad instead of cole slaw.  You just saved yourself around 300 calories and it’s a lot healthier for you.  Also chefs love to be creative and they are more than willing to accommodate people when it comes to dining preferences. 
If you absolutely have to have something that is fast food then go for the salad that is being served.  Anything else is just not a healthy option, it is going to provide you a lot of calories with no real nutritional value.  Again this is something that I go into great detail in my nutritional program. 
One final tip is if you are unsure of a situation that you may be going into – then you might want to eat something before you go.  By going ahead and having something that you know is healthy for you accomplishes a couple of things.  First of all you will not be hungry and therefore will not be tempted to eat anything.  Secondly, because you won’t be focusing on trying to eat something then you can spend more time developing more personal connections with the people that you are interacting with.
For those of you have completed a detoxification or cleanse program during this period I offer you much congratulations on your accomplishments.  Keep up the great work and if you want to stay connected and on track please know that I am here to support you!
I hope that you have enjoyed this series on detoxification and cleansing.  Stay tuned for my next series that will be on Fitness.

The Agony of Defeat or Act of Wisdom

As much as I hate to admit it I have decided to not continue with my triathlon training. It appears as if my body is not made to run in any form or fashion. About a month ago I did too much too soon and ended up with the beginning of shin splints. This in turn led to starting to have problems with my ankles. It appears as if the shin splints are healing but I’m still having trouble with my ankles. I’ve tried a little jog here and there and it just isn’t happening as I can feel the shins screaming at me to stop. So…. where does that leave me with exercise.

I am not defeated and I do not feel bad about giving up. I gave the training 100% + and I feel great about what I was able to accomplish. So my back up plan is to get back to 1 – 2 days a week of yoga, some daily strength training, and at least a 30 minute walk every day. I will also incorporate a bike ride each week. I hope to throw in some swimming in the summer as I rediscovered my passion for swimming. I also hope to do some hiking and maybe kayaking with friends as well. Will keep you updated on all of this as it progresses.

What I would really like to point out is how important it is to listen to your body, honor yourself and accomplishments and don’t worry about competing with anyone. As humans we will keep pushing ourselves to either prove something to ourselves or to someone else. What or where does that leave us? A very hurt and/or broken body. In my practice I see the results of what happens when people push their bodies too far and don’t listen to them. They will end up with surgery, joint replacements, or chronic pain and often seek my services to help alleviate this pain and discomfort. It’s important to listen to our bodies and know when something isn’t working for us and find an alternative to that activity. It really isn’t the agony of defeat it is an act of wisdom.

I leave you with these questions is my form of exercise hurting my body and what can I do to continue my exercise that will not be as stressful to my body?

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