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A Natural Facelift?

If you’re concerned that your youthful appearance has fallen by the wayside, you may want to consider a natural, non-surgical “refresher” – cosmetic acupuncture.

So what is Cosmetic Acupuncture? The protocol I have been most impressed with is the Mei Zen (beautiful person) Acupuncture System. After a series of 10 treatments (twice a week for five weeks), skin becomes more delicate, fine lines begin to fade, there is less sagginess and droopy eyelids, and there’s an overall improvement of skin texture and tone. And, as an added benefit, patients report an overall rejuvenation that is not confined to the face. Patients leave sessions feeling more relaxed, focused and even report improved sleep and overall energy levels throughout the day.

Chinese medicine is so advanced in terms of “anti-aging” solutions.  The underlying principles are about restoring natural beauty from the inside out. This ancient approach has worked for thousands of years, freeing up chi (energy) and improving circulation. When performing any type of cosmetic acupuncture the needles in the face are inserted at a shallower depth than in regular acupuncture.  This creates micro traumas in the body that increase the production of collagen and elastin.  This is the same process that happens when you cut your finger and new skin starts to grow.  In addition , there are meridians (pathway of energy) that run through the face and make connections to internal organs. Stimulation of specific points along these meridians balances the body and treats the underlying factors of aging process.

What are the benefits of Mei Zen Acupuncture?   

•Increases collagen production
•Reduces larger wrinkles and eliminates fine ones
•Tightens skin pores
•Prevents sagging, eye drooping
•Radiates skin, brighter eyes
•Diminishes breakouts, acne and more
•Healthier body and sense of well-being

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Deborah Farley is a licensed acupuncturist, naturopath and owner of the Acupuncture Clinic of Richmond, in Richmond, Virginia. She’s a leading authority on using nutrition and Chinese medicine for treating symptoms and root causes of illness.  For additional resources to improve your health and wellness, visit or call 804.288.3927.
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