Do you take Medicare/Medicaid?
No, Medicare and Medicaid only cover acupuncture if it is for back pain and performed by a
Medical Doctor (MD).
Do you accept insurance, Does Insurance Cover this procedure/acupuncture?
No. You will need to reach out to your insurance company to see if they will cover your
procedure. You need to ask them if they cover acupuncture for allergies.

In the state of VA, most insurance companies will not cover acupuncture. As a result,
Deborah Farley has not contracted with any insurance company and any services
performed at Acupuncture Works, LLC is considered out of network. You will pay at
time of service.

If you do have coverage, you will receive a coded bill called a superbill. All the
information required to process your claim is on this superbill. You will submit to your
insurance company, and they will send you reimbursement.

You can also use a Flex Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay
for your appointments.

Do you take Care Credit?
No. Care Credit does not cover acupuncture.
Do you provide payment plans?
No. If you need to make a payment plan you will need to make these arrangements with
someone else. We do not provide credit. Doing so would require running credit reports,
making a contract, charging interest and many other costs. This would result in you
paying a higher price than you would if you paid by cash, check, credit, or your Flex
Saving or Health Savings card.
Do I need to make a payment when booking my appointment?

Yes. At the time you book your appointment you are making a commitment to a time to
receive a service. A $100 retainer fee is required to hold your appointment. This fee is
applied towards your first visit is non-refundable. You will never lose this payment
unless you cancel your appointment and do not reschedule, or you reschedule without a
24 hour notice.