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news_tmb_backacupunctureAre you looking for a natural approach to address your health concerns? Have you suffered from a sports injury or looking to improve athletic performance? Perhaps you’re living with a chronic condition like diabetes or arthritis – or facing a diagnosis of cancer and concerned about the side-effects of treatment. We work with each patient to develop the most appropriate, personalized treatment plan to best meet your health needs.

Which service is right for me?

  • Acupuncture
  • Nutritional Consultations
  • Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture TM
  • Chinese Herbs and Supplements
  • Educational Classes and Workshops
  • Smoking Cessation Program
  • Health Coaching
  • Preventive Health Care Program
  • Gift Certificates ($50 to $500)

What is Acupuncture? ____________________
Acupuncture is one of the oldest, most commonly used medical procedures in the world. The National Institute of Health (NIH) and World Health Organization (WHO) recognize more than sixty conditions that acupuncture has proven to effectively treat. This method of treatment allows your body to do what it already knows how to do – circulate blood and energy to the affected body systems to optimize function. It can be particularly effective in relieving chronic pain associated with arthritis, sinusitis, headache, PMS, and back pain–as well as with postoperative pain. Treatments can also ease nausea, fatigue and other discomforts associated with cancer treatment. Regular use of acupuncture has shown to be effective as a preventative strategy for achieving optimal health and well-being, long-term.

Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture TM_______________

Mei Zen (Beautiful Person) is a non-surgical beauty procedure that effectively reduces the signs of aging (wrinkles, sagging jowls, skin tone, and age spots) surrounding the face and neck area – as well as, firm and tone the abdomen region. According to Chinese medicine theory, Cosmetic acupuncture improves the circulation of blood by stimulating the body’s natural healing and anti-aging abilities. The end result is the restoration of your natural beauty, radiating from the inside out.
Click here to view our Mei Zen photo gallery.

Herbs and Supplements __________________

Chinese Herbal Medicine has always been considered to be the cornerstone and preeminent modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Whole food supplements and high quality, pharmaceutical-grade Chinese herbs are a natural way of supporting the body’s innate ability to correct specific system inbalances or malfunctions resulting from an improper assimilation of nutrients.

Lab Test Analysis _______________________

We all want a fully functioning body and optimal state of health; which is why simply treating your symptoms is not a realistic goal. Taking a comprehensive approach that includes the evaluation of lab tests including blood analysis can make a world of difference in how quickly you achieve your health goals.

Debi Farley, LAc, DOM brings over 20 years of healthcare wisdom to her patient’s comprehensive care. She has a high level of expertise in combining her knowledge of nutrition or “food therapy” with her Oriental medicine practice, expediting her patients return to optimum wellness. In determining the ideal course of treatment, the evaluation of tests and a variety of diagnostic tools are available. Taking the time to review these can help find the gaps in health care that may have prevented you from achieving your health goals in the past.

What’s Involved with Lab Test Analysis? The process is actually quite simple. Although we offer a wide variety of diagnostic tools and testing, the kind of test or evaluation is uniquely determined per individual. Evaluating laboratory work that you have received from your physician or another diagnostic lab can provide enormous insight into a number of areas related to your hormones, minerals, toxic metals, immune function, thyroid and adrenal function, and digestive function. Other tests may include helping you find and treat food allergies, parasites, yeast (Candida) and other hard-to-find infections, which can provide you with simple, effective solutions.

Debi has the training and knowledge to review these tests to not only determine the appropriate course of treatment but also to measure the success of your treatment plan. Debi also has the training and education to make recommendations for any additional testing that may be necessary. Through Debi’s combined approach using Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western medicine and nutritional (food) therapy, you will be on a healthy path to finding and treating the root cause of your condition and/or painful symptoms.

Smoking Cessation_________________________

This highly focused program is designed for individuals who are ready to devote the time and work necessary in creating a life changing experience. This concentrated program includes acupuncture treatments combined with individualized coaching to help individuals quit smoking once and for all. The protocol draws upon the Traditional Chinese Medicine principles of strengthening and balancing the body to support the shift in underlying behaviors necessary for long-term healing.

Educational Classes & Programs________________

The group dynamic is a powerful tool for fostering change. Join like-minded individuals in an informal, relaxed environment for nutritional information, educational workshops, wellness “movie nights” and a variety of wellness-related classes. Click here to see our current event calendar.

Health Coaching / Nutritional Consultant________

When was the last time you talked with a trained health professional about your overall health, assessed your nutrition and received the full attention you deserve? What is nutrition? How is your diet impacting the way you feel? Health coaching allows you to work with an expert one-on-one to help you take an active role in your overall health and well-being. Debi’s approach includes many of the details of your life – what you eat, how you sleep, your relationships, what you do for physical activity, and how you manifest your beliefs and passions in your day to day life.

RAW & LIVING FOOD TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION is now available to individuals and groups interested in learning about and/or teaching the Raw & Living Food lifestyle. Programs include introductory seminars, specialty prep classes and Level I Raw Chef Certification.

Preventive Health Care Program________________

For many patients, acupuncture is a health resource for a lifetime. They’ve experienced its effectiveness in promoting a level of quality in their overall health and choose to maintain seasonal treatments for prevention and long-term wellness. Our Preventive Health Care membership program helps individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle with monthly treatments designed to increase circulation, boost energy, and strengthen the immune system.

Membership Includes:
• One 60-minute acupuncture treatment every month
• One 60-minute nourishment/lifestyle consult every 3 months
• 10% discount on all other services and products

To make an appointment with Deborah Farley or inquire further about the health services available, please contact the Clinic at 804.288.3927. Intake forms may be completed in advance by clicking here.


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