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“When I first started seeing Debi, I was dealing with a wide array of issues. I was always exhausted, even after a good night’s sleep. Since I have connective tissue disease, I also suffered from joint and muscle pain, and had several joint surgeries in the past. I was also dealing with a hormonal imbalance and struggled with ovarian cysts,

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“I have been suffering from nerve pain in my right jaw and tooth for a number of years. I have spent thousands of dollars on dentists and been operated on by oral surgeons three (3) times with little to no relief. I was referred to Ms. Farley by a colleague and within one treatment, my nerve pain had disappeared. I

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“My wife had been seeing Ms. Farley for a problem with her arm, which was getting better each time she had a treatment. After going to my doctor and receiving a diagnosis of vertigo, he prescribed Meclizine and suggested I see a specialist. My wife suggested trying acupuncture. Even though I have an issue with needles, and cannot even watch

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“Aging is perpetual and the Mei Zen acupuncture program has given me a few extra years of lift. The treatment has significantly and noticeably improved my skin, complexion and wrinkles, as well as, helped with general health issues related to my bladder and sleep. My sessions with Debi also gave me guidance on nutrition, and provided me with encouragement on

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