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“I have been suffering from nerve pain in my right jaw and tooth for a number of years. I have spent thousands of dollars on dentists and been operated on by oral surgeons three (3) times with little to no relief. I was referred to Ms. Farley by a colleague and within one treatment, my nerve pain had disappeared. I cannot say enough about the potential for relief of chronic pain that her treatments offer. I recommend that you contact her if you truly want to seek a meaningful solution to your pain issues. I highly and fully recommend her without qualification”. – Larry

“I had unbearable pain in my left ankle and little toe. In addition, I had pain in my right leg, both knees and wrist. It was impossible to stand or walk for more than short periods of time. I could not exercise or go to my yoga classes. The only solution offered by traditional doctors was pain meds, cortisone injections, and eventually, a knee replacement. I made an appointment with Deborah Farley and am still astounded by the amount of relief the treatment gave me. I feel like a new person. In addition to the pain relief, acupuncture lowered my stress levels. I also noticed that it helped my smoking – now smoking half of what I previously smoked. I am now completely off all pain and arthritis medications. The most impressive aspect of working with Debbie is her interest in you as a whole person. I whole heartedly recommend her services.” – Kathy

“When I first came to see Debi, my hands had gotten to the point where I would wake up at night in pain. I was unable to open jars, lift items weighing over five pounds, or manipulate most things I used in daily life. Because I am an artist and a teacher and use my hands constantly, I was feeling quite depressed about the increasing pain. I saw Debi for about seven months for this and other issues. During this period, I was pain free for substantial amounts of time. I no longer woke in pain. I could use my hands for longer periods of time without pain. Now, I am to the point where I almost forget that I used to hurt so badly. Recently, I laid a 200 foot stone walkway in one day and didn’t even feel sore the next day! I am thrilled to have the use of my hands again. Acupuncture truly made a difference for me.” – Susan

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