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“Aging is perpetual and the Mei Zen acupuncture program has given me a few extra years of lift. The treatment has significantly and noticeably improved my skin, complexion and wrinkles, as well as, helped with general health issues related to my bladder and sleep. My sessions with Debi also gave me guidance on nutrition, and provided me with encouragement on my weight loss goals. It is working with Debi personally and professionally that makes it all possible. Her ability to create solutions for my physical goals has been exceptional, and I admire her greatly.” – Carroll

“The Mei Zen acupuncture program is an incredible value. I’ve had chemical peels and a mini-facelift in the past, spending thousands of dollars to have a more refreshed, youthful appearance. The Mei Zen program provided me with the same benefits (in some areas, far better) and cost a fraction of what I’ve paid in the past. During the 10-session program, I noticed my skin becoming softer, the fine lines around my mouth diminishing and my overall complexion becoming so much softer and healthier. What I found most impressive was the continued improvement of my skin and overall health after the treatment plan. Now, I simply come in for a monthly maintenance treatment and I always leave feeling relaxed and completely rejuvenated! “ – Theresa

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