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“When I first started seeing Debi, I was dealing with a wide array of issues. I was always exhausted, even after a good night’s sleep. Since I have connective tissue disease, I also suffered from joint and muscle pain, and had several joint surgeries in the past. I was also dealing with a hormonal imbalance and struggled with ovarian cysts, irregular cycles, bloating, and acne. Yet, in the past five months of working with Debi, my health has improved. I am no longer fighting the extreme fatigue and have noticed an increase in my energy level. I have started eating better, taking my herbs regularly, and drinking plenty of water to follow her advice My muscle and joint pain is getting better. I have seen a major improvement in my hormones – with regular cycles, less bloating and PMS, less headaches, and a remarkable improvement in my skin! I have gotten so many compliments from my husband, family, friends and co-workers about how good my skin looks now! I am so thankful for all Debi has done to help me get my body in balance!” – Tina

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