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“My wife had been seeing Ms. Farley for a problem with her arm, which was getting better each time she had a treatment. After going to my doctor and receiving a diagnosis of vertigo, he prescribed Meclizine and suggested I see a specialist. My wife suggested trying acupuncture. Even though I have an issue with needles, and cannot even watch someone on TV receiving a shot, I decided to try it. I was not sure how or why acupuncture works but made an appointment. Thankfully, Ms. Farley explained the procedure in detail and after our first meeting, it all made sense. After the first treatment, I still had some vertigo issues. After the second treatment, I had NO vertigo issues. I received two additional treatments to help with some other issues and am now deciding on a timeframe to schedule maintenance treatments to ward off any other health issues. This has been better than I expected and I am a 100% believer in acupuncture”. – Mike

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