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“The 21-Day Detox program has give me a sense of control over my health and eating habits. I would never have gotten to that point without it. Overall I have lost about 20 lbs and my average blood pressure has dropped from 150/120 to 120/80. My energy during the day as improved and I have been able to sleep 7 hours continuously (haven’t done this in years.)” – Steve, New Year’s Detox (RESET!) Program

“Deb has the gift of making everyone at ease, and makes going Raw easy and FUN! This was a GREAT class!” – Laurel, Raw Oriental Class

“What I enjoy most about Debi’s classes is her expertise, recipes, hands-on preparation and getting to know everyone!” Darlene, Raw Oriental Class

“Truly simple and hands-on. I definitely came away with easy recipes that I can use at home. Best of all, the food was GREAT! I can’t wait for the next class. Thank you Debi and your team!”– Marilyn, Raw Food Breakfast Class

“As my diet continually evolves, so does my need for information relating to nutrition and health. Debi’s demonstration not only showed me how to make these new healthy recipes, but it taught me about the nutritional value of the food, how it affects my digestion and how my body and overall health would benefit from preparing meals in this way. The class was fun, educational and super delicious! I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in culinary, nutrition or general well-being. Thank you so much, Debi!” – Angela, Raw Food Breakfast Class

“What I enjoyed most about Debi’s detox class was learning from each other and the group interaction. As a result of the class, I am far more awareness of my food choices and see an improvement in my skin, nails, and general well-being.” – Martha,Detox Workshop

“I’m really interested in sharing the recipes with my family. My 11 year old son does not eat very healthy, but he has become more interested in learning how to eat healthier. I think he will definitely like the banana almond butter cup and chia pudding.” – Karen, Raw Food Breakfast Class

“The Green Smoothie class exceeded my expectations! Deborah has a level of compassion for her clients that resonates with women and provides a comforting, relaxed environment to learn, share and improve upon our lives (mentally, physically and spiritually).” – Patricia, Green Smoothie Class

“What I liked best about Debi’s nutrition classes is her knowledge of the subject. After taking her 5-week detox program, I have more energy, my vision is clearer, I sleep well, and I feel really good – plus I loss 7 lbs.” – Rita, “Detox Workshop”

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