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Traditional Chinese Medicine’s “take” on detox programs

Traditionally Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has used herbs, herbal teas, cupping, gua sha (also known as scraping), and plum blossom needles to clear the “devil toxins” from the body. Devil toxins are what we call heat, cold, parasites, damp, fire, and food toxins. This was mostly performed during seasonal changes when toxins such as heat or fire may have built up and caused problems as constipation, headache, dry eyes, and irritability. By using herbs, herbal teas, food, and one or more of the methods mentioned above toxins get cleared and balance and harmony are restored for the next season.
From a Western Medicine viewpoint, many practitioners believe the body has the ability to perform this function on its own. I partially agree with this. Under normal conditions our bodies attempt to process and eliminate toxins at a “normal rate”. However, when the system gets clogged (ie…constipation) then toxins aren’t effectively eliminated. This is when I believe much illness manifests in the body. With the right detox program, our organs are simply better equipped to rid toxins. Detoxification serves as a support to the liver, kidneys, large intestine, skin, and lymphatic system.

Now, keep in mind 3,000 years ago the body was much better equiped to rid toxins. But not today. Why? Read my post tomorrow to find out…

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