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What Are the Main Components of Holistic Health?

What Are the Main Components of Holistic Health

What does the word health mean to you? Healthcare has had an upheaval in recent years, as people rediscover the importance and benefits of prioritizing holistic health.

So, what is holistic health care? Holistic health essentially looks at the whole person: your mind, body, and spirit. It goes beyond the body to treat all your components with different complementary medicines and alternative healthcare options that are proven to work.

Read on to learn about the main components of holistic health and how they are treated.

Physical Health

The physical body is what you often think about when you think of healthcare. Holistic health also recognizes the importance of caring for the physical body.

However, it also recognizes that physical symptoms are often manifestations of stress, trauma, and other experiences. It is not just about maintaining a healthy physique. Physical health is treated with nutrition, sleep advice, yoga,  and therapies.

Therapies include energy work, homeopathy, Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment (SAAT), and acupuncture to release tension and relieve issues such as allergies.

Mental and Emotional Health

Emotional health also overlaps with mental health. It is no secret that stress and other emotions have a significant impact on the body, which is why maintaining your mental wellbeing is so important.

Holistic health also focuses on mental wellbeing by encouraging learning activities to keep your brain active. You can also consider reducing your drinking, drug, and smoking intake. Holistic health care treatments include therapy, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, journaling, and Qi-Gong.

Social Health

Community is essential to help maintain optimum physical and mental wellbeing. You can create social connections in different ways, such as through local community work and finding groups that share your interests, such as exercise groups.

Social health also refers to setting healthy boundaries for yourself, so you walk away from relationships that do not serve you and look beyond just virtual relationships.

Spiritual Health

Spiritual health does not mean you have to associate with a particular religion. It actually looks at how you connect with your inner self, your spirit, and your soul. It also focuses on how you are connecting with the world around you.

Holistic health focuses on spirituality in different ways. You can spend time in nature, meditate, practice a faith, join different types of ceremonies, and take time away from your phone screen. It is estimated that Americans spend 5.4 hours a day on their phone, which can distract you from the world around you and take time to check in with yourself.

Optimize Your Holistic Health

Holistic health ensures you consider all the preventative and interventive components to stay at optimum wellness. There is a broad range of different treatments available to support the various components of holistic wellness. You can even find a holistic health practitioner or holistic health coach to assist you.

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