What Is Alpha Gal Treatment? Your Quick Guide

Meat allergies do not only affect you when you eat. Many cosmetics and medicine products contain animal by-products, making a meat allergy difficult to treat.

Caused by ticks, Alpha-gal allergy has no known treatment using Western medicine, leaving many without any relief. 

Exclusively developed by Doctor Nadir Soliman, the SAAT or Soliman Auricular Allergy treatment can fully heal your body and permanently treat the Alpha-gal allergy.

By using this easy and simple treatment, you can start feeling better as soon as 3 weeks.

What is Alpha-Gal Allergy?

Alpha-gal or galactose-alpha 1 is a sugar carbohydrate found in mammalian meat, better known as the Red Meat Allergy.

You can get an allergy if a tick touches your skin or if you are bitten by a tick. Lonestar ticks are the number one culprit, but recent research shows that more ticks such as the Deer tick can also pass on the sugar.

Normal amounts of the galactose alpha sugar are okay. If more is added to your body it can lead to severe digestive issues, hives, rashes, and possibly anaphylactic shock. 

Hope for a Cure

With no known treatment using Western medicine, the Alpha-Gal Allergy can wreak havoc in your life. Fortunately, there is a safe and permanent treatment for the allergy using acupuncture. There is a way to heal your body holistically without added chemicals and side effects.

Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment (SAAT)

The auricular treatment uses your ear and acupuncture to target allergies by placing a 3 mm needle in an exact location in your ear unique to your body.

Up to 4 allergens can be treated at a time, providing patients with the hope of relief from food, environmental, and chemical allergies/sensitivities.

The SAAT process involves a Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) and a Bio Engertic field to measure the ear’s reflex points and responses to electronic frequencies. Electronically imprinted vials are used to find a remedy. 

Treatment for the substances  based on the response pulse. This process allows symptoms to be treated quickly and allergies to be eliminated permanently. 

Alpha-Gal Treatment

Treatment is a simple 4 step process. This includes a consultation, an evaluation, a 3 mm needle insertion, and needle removal after 3 weeks. The tiny needle is placed in your ear and held in place with medical tape. 

After the needle is removed, the body continues to build immunity. It may take as long as 5 weeks for your body to be completely desensitized. With this simple and science backed natural treatment, your body can heal permanently. 

Start your Healing Journey Today

Do not let a tick ruin your life. Let Deborah Farley, founder of Acupunture Works LLC, heal your Alpha-gal Allergy using SAAT.

This effective treatment is available in Lynchburg Virginia and the surrounding areas including Southwest Virginia, North Carolina, and West Virginia.

Click to schedule an appointment and become one step closer to feeling whole again. Heal your body naturally in three to five weeks using proven acupuncture techniques. 

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Deborah Farley

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