What to Expect From Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment

Did you know allergies are the sixth leading cause behind Americans’ chronic illnesses?

People try both traditional and alternative treatments for treating allergies. If you would like to learn about SAAT allergy treatment, keep reading.

This guide will teach you about SAAT acupuncture and how it helps people overcome allergies. You’ll know about the procedure and what to expect.

Check out our helpful tips below.

Defining SAAT

Allergic responses will usually develop when someone experiences intense inflammation in their body. This creates a sensitive immune system that will begin to not work.

SAAT will reprogram your immune system and stop it from overreacting to allergies. Learn more about how to improve immune deficiency.

You can try two steps to deal with the allergy. Bio-Energetic testing is testing for a particular sensitivity or allergy. This will get done by a homeopathic vial that has a frequency of the allergen.

It will get used to confirm there is a sensitivity. It can locate the exact location in the ear where the professional will place the needle.

The location’s unique to your body. It gets identified by finding the highest electrically conductive region in your ear.

During the Treatment

A tiny ear acupuncture needle will get placed per allergen. It’s covered by medical tape.

The needle will need to remain there for three to four weeks. During your treatment, you might have up to five or six allergies addressed.

After, it will get removed during a follow-up visit. You can also get retested. You might need a few more weeks of treatment if it hasn’t.

Treating grass, pollen, or plant allergies will be challenging during changing seasons. If you notice symptoms, you might experience another allergy not identified. Consider this if you’re treating an outdoor or environmental allergy.

Pay attention to the season you experience the symptoms and allergies. When do your allergies seem to get triggered?

Depending on the allergy, you might see a significant reduction in symptoms. This means you might still notice some residue of symptoms. Reactions to poison ivy or latex can also get treated.

Do You Know Your Allergen?

Some patients will arrive at the clinic having already identified their allergen through allergy testing.

Suppose you have already figured out your allergen. In that case, you can get a homeopathic vial ordered with the correct energetic signature of your allergen.

The practitioner will confirm your sensitivity to the particular allergen using the vial and then figure out the location for needle treatment.

You can still meet with a professional if you aren’t sure about your allergen. They will use a few homeopathic vials with different frequencies of common allergens.

Then, you can begin narrowing down the allergens your immune system has a negative response to.

Would You Like to Try Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment?

Will you try the Soliman auricular allergy treatment? People notice a reduction in symptoms after going through treatment. Contact a local practitioner if you want to know more about this allergy treatment.

Consider trying it out. Contact us today for more information.

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